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Any questions?   I am a North Carolina collegian running on double IPA's, the Internet and the democratic process. This is dedicated to my constantly evolving interests and various daily occurrences. In short, I do what I want.

    The great job search

    0 for 5 y’all. I knew the job hunt would suck, but I’m 3 weeks in and this is the fucking worst.

    "You were awesome! I have no feedback. But we’ve offered the position to another candidate. I’m sure you’ll have no problem getting an offer somewhere else. Best of luck!"

    Fuck you.

    I’m a web developer. Why is this so hard. My ego doesn’t exist anymore.
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    Daniel family vacay 1996. Get wild.

    Daniel family vacay 1996. Get wild.

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    Mom and the girls.

    Mom and the girls.

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    Things that I’m into:

    I don’t have a job right this second, and I need to take a break from checking my email 8,000 times a day.

    • I got a Kindle Paperwhite! It is the best decision I’ve ever made. So small! So light! It even has a light! Sorry small bookstores. 2 poor 4 u.
    • Read this. It’s David Mitchell’s new book. It’s basically another Cloud Atlas.So good.
    • While you’re at it, you can be my friend on Goodreads. I’m pretty lonely over there.
    • Buying this as soon as I’m employed. It’s been sitting in my Etsy shopping cart for the past 4 years. It’s time.
    • I’ve talked about her before, but she is my favorite Etsy shop on the planet. I also found out her husband worked with me at the Post when I needed a parting gift for my supervisor. I picked it up from his desk. I was the most uncool fangirl.
    • Oh yeah, I spent a summer at the Post. I made these and a couple more things still in the pipeline. Note the baby animals.
    • I still can’t move my finger (broke the fuck out of it, got surgery, it was held together by pins, now it’s not broken but still doesn’t move and looks like a cocktail weenie). Manicures are crucial
    • Getting a Gap card asap. Tired of giving them all my money without even getting points. This beaut is my new favorite thing. I want it in 12 colors all the time forever. Also this quilted jacket. It’s the twin of my favorite jacket in high school. I teared up. And if you haven’t caught on to how wonderful their panties are, I’m here to tell you that they are the best. Give up that Victoria’s Secret tissue paper garbage and come into the light.

    So, mostly reading and online shipping. That’s all. 

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    Don’t mind me…

    Just waiting for a phone call that could be a job offer, or an interview, or a call to schedule an interview, or a screen to see if I’m even worth interviewing or just a ‘chat’ that was scheduled yesterday for ‘sometime today’.

    It’s cool, I’ll just wait. Take your time…….


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    I’ll miss ya, Q street.

    I’ll miss ya, Q street.

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    Weekend adventures to the mill.  (at Peirce Mill)

    Weekend adventures to the mill. (at Peirce Mill)

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